Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have any other questions or even tips and/or expert mommy-advice you would like to share with us, contact us on our contact page.


Are all the garments nursing-friendly?

Most of our garments are designed to be nursing-friendly. The Oversized Minimal Coat and Asymmetric Nursing Jacket were designed to have nursing in mind. A classic piece that will turn heads for all the right reasons. Our must have Short and Long Polo Neck dresses are also nursing friendly, with the help of invisible zips on the sides. These garments are designed for wearing during and after pregnancy and specifically for nursing.


Can I wear all the garments after my pregnancy?

The majority of our garments were designed with dual functionality and can be worn before, during and after your pregnancy.  Please refer to each item description for specific uses.


When do I start to wear maternity wear?

Our collection has been designed to make your whole motherhood journey a time to remember. Family planning, and growing, is such a wonderful time in each woman’s life, and why not spoil yourself with a JLM piece to celebrate this wonderful journey.


Is it possible to feel attractive and confident during pregnancy?

Of course it is!  Just remember: Confidence is key and being a woman is all about being confident in her own skin. Why not try a longer shirt like the Minimal Tee or a coat like the Oversized Coat, covering those areas you might feel conscious about. When you feel confident, you will feel like you can achieve anything.


What is my pregnancy size?

No need to change sizes, but in the event that you do, JLM caters for all new mommies-to-be.  We would suggest ordering your pre-pregnancy size, but do keep in mind that all women are different and may or may not gain weight during their pregnancy and some women may not be their pre-pregnancy size throughout their whole pregnancy. Please refer to our size chart for guidance on choosing the size that you feel comfortable with.


What do I wear to a wedding or date night with my partner?

JLM has got you covered for those special occasions. Our Kimono Dress is a great choice for that special event (or even that baby-moon to Greece). The Long Polo Neck Nursing dress is a classic piece that can be dressed up with a pair of heels at night or tone it down for a more comfortable look with sneakers for during the day.


The Great Debate: Should you buy maternity clothing to get you through your pregnancy or just use your existing wardrobe?

The answer is yes, and no. Our aim is to help all mommies-to-be live that minimal, yet stylish lifestyle where you only require classic and quality pieces in you wardrobe. As the saying goes “less is more” and with our simple and elegant garments, a JLM piece is exactly what you will need to make your wardrobe a timeless and practical one, making it easy for you to mix and match with what you currently have in your closet.