Jeanne-Louise – Founder

When my husband and I started planning the expansion of our family, I came to the conclusion that there was a big need for stylish maternity wear for mothers from all walks in life, the working mother, the active mother, the stay-at-home mom as well as the stylish mommy to name a few. Our unique designs  won’t only look apart from everyone else, but will also be very practical and comfortable throughout your pregnancy experience, before, during and after.

Our fabrics are hand selected and imported from all the world to bring the best possible finish to each design. Our 18/19 Minimal Collection is a 9 piece all you need mommy wardrobe keeping slow fashion in mind. These designs will not only last you through all your pregnancies and motherhood journey, but it was also designed to be timeless so that you can put your own style in every outfit. We believe in authenticity and not only to what is trending right now. Mix and match the pieces to fit your occasion.  

We see JLM as a tool to help change millions of lives for the better, from our manufacturing to our packaging, we support local families in South Africa with job creation, necessity newborn bags, safe houses and mainly supporting the community in discovering their true potential and authenticity. 

A percentage of every garment sold will go towards helping mothers and babies in need in our local community from premature babies, hospital bags and visits to any medical finances.

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